Want to workout with your friends in an environment that is comfortable for you and works well with your schedule?   Receive monthly workouts that are geared towards working with partners and team challenges with added HIIT, strength and cardio training you can do together, and are doable anywhere at anytime!  When you sign-up, you will receive team/partner workouts in addition to a set of individual workouts to incorporate into your training.  Get Fit Club pushes you and forces you to work harder and test your limits.  Workouts that offer beginner, intermediate and advanced options allow you and your friends to workout together at any level you may be at.


ONLINE personal training

No more boring, over-crowded Bootcamp classes or being "hot boxed" in Group Gym Classes! SHF offers you a functional fitness approach that will benefit your daily lives, improve your athletic performance, increase energy levels, blast fat the right way, and keep you coming back for more without the gym fees and on your own time.  With 24 hour access to Sarah for questions and motivation, you won't be restricted anymore to classes and waiting for a time slot on the trainers schedule.  Each month, you will be sent a schedule of workouts for your level of fitness and your goals in mind.        

Your new body awaits you! Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?